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Registration is now open for all vendors looking to sell their merchandise within the Baza network.
Look below to see why other vendors have decided to start selling on Baza.

Pave the Way | Tiered Seller Ranking | Local Community
Pave the Way
Pave The Way

As one of the first sellers to list on Baza, YOU will have the ultimate authority on the starting prices for the items that you list! See something that isn't yet on our marketplace? Easily list it and rake in the profits of exclusivity.

Tiered Seller Ranking


At Baza, we like to keep things simple: Sell More Items, Get More Pay. We like to reward loyalty so as a seller, the more volume you sell, the more money that you get to keep from lower transaction fees. Along with more goodies to come along the way, you'll always be a part of something greater here at Baza.

Local Community


We're about as local as it gets. Centered within Dubai, our local marketplace allows sellers to become entrepreneurs by transforming their passion into business. Get started now as one of the first suppliers on Dubai's premier peer-to-peer eCommerce Marketplace!