The Story of Baza

In some ways we're just like you: Sneakerheads who wanted to have quick, easy, and relaxing way to buy sneakers or other nice looking stuff. However, many companies that are established internationally simply do not cater to our own geographical location and charge exorbitant fees to give us the same access as the rest of the world. We decided to change that by creating a platform for buying and selling luxury streetwear and sneakers.

The Baza Guarantee

We'll keep it simple for you: We only sell authentic stuff. Period. Every item comes with a certificate of authenticity after being meticulously inspected. Rest easy knowing that every item on Baza Bazaar is legit.


Currently we are not accepting applications within Baza.

Our Principles

At Baza, we believe that what you wear tells your story. Baza seeks to allow for people to easily buy and own luxury wears so they can better show the world who they are. so what are you waiting for? Yallah, get Baza!

What Interests Us:

  • Making a Positive Impact In Our Own Communities
  • Fair Prices (For Buyers and Sellers Alike)
  • Partnerships to Support the Brand
What Does Not Interest Us:

To maintain our company's focus, Baza does not respond to
  • Unsolicited Requests for Individual Support
  • Religious Activities
  • Political Campaigns

Consumer Rights

Baza Bazaar is a participant in the Digital Protection initiative, dedicated to protecting your consumer rights and addressing your concerns. For more information about consumer rights, visit