Frequently Asked Questions

You guys don’t have what I want! Is there anything I can do?
How do you pay for things?
What is the condition of the items that I am buying?
How long does delivery take?
Where do you source your products from and how do you ensure their authenticity?
What is your authentication process and why should I trust it?
What sizes are listed?
How do I return things?
What does GS mean?
How do I sign up to become a seller?
I entered the wrong information! How can I change it?
My order hasn’t arrived yet. What can I do?
This isn’t what I ordered! What can I do?
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Baza Bazaar: FAQs and reviews to help you out

With Baza Bazaar, you can purchase different clothes that fit your aesthetic with just a few clicks. Know more about what’s in store for you here in this online store as you browse through our frequently asked questions and customer reviews below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you understand how the purchase process and delivery work on this website, we’ve compiled a list of FAQs from our customers over the years.

  1. Is it possible to purchase without an account?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to do so. You need the account to have exclusive access to our featured products as well as deals and discounts. Don’t worry, there’s no fee for creating an account. All you have to do is sign up and set the necessary information for our reference. 

  1. How does the delivery system work? 

It’s required for you to input your current delivery address into your account. You cannot sign up without giving that information. This will be saved to our directory so we’ll know where to deliver your orders. 

Don’t worry because the address is editable. You can change the address, especially if you’ve moved somewhere else. There’s also an option for you to add another address and then specify which one will be used for the delivery once you check out the items on your cart.

  1. Is it possible to return items?

Yes, it is possible to return defective items. These will either be replaced with a new one or refunded if the inventory no longer holds stocks. Please contact the admin email and send us proof of the purchase, the damage and your order reference. 

For clothes that don’t fit, you can call our hotline for a complete customer service experience. One of our representatives will gladly help you out with this concern and will be replaced with apparel that would fit your size. 

Customer Reviews

Browse below for testimonials from our happy customers:

‘The package is well prepared and the items are perfect. Thank you for being patient with my questions. I would definitely recommend this shop to my friends, especially since the items are reasonably priced.’ – Haley Dunphy

‘I can’t believe I’d see ‘90s aesthetic clothing again! These clothes from diverse labels bring back memories of the old days when my friends and I would hang out at the cafe below our old apartment. Also, the clothes are so stylish I couldn’t resist buying them all!’ – Rachelle Geller

‘I bought my Burberry coat from this store.’ – Claire Priestly‘This shop is helpful because I don’t have to go to outlet stores anymore for my favourite luxury brands. Baza Bazaar has Versace, Gucci and LV among many others here and all I need to do is tap on my phone and input my credit card information.’ – Blaire Wardolf