The Culture of Fakes


Corrupting a culture of extravagance


Here’s some food for thought: In the 2017-2018 year, over 26 million counterfeit goods worth over AED 1 Billion were seized in Dubai. Of those 26 million items, shoes accounted for roughly 37% of the total value followed by other leather products (bags and purses). According to the International Trademark Association, the global economic value of counterfeits is projected to reach over AED 8 Trillion (2.3 Trillion USD) by 2022 with no indication of stopping. This includes footwear which makes up almost 20% of total sales. 

With the vast majority of these transactions occurring over the Internet, this is a concerning issue in the modern day. Anyone can lie. It happens all the time through our daily interactions with others either through conversation or business deals. What’s the big problem with it? If you’re in a city of grandeur like Dubai, what’s the harm in paying a little less to get those Yeezy Boost 350 that you’ve been looking at?

Loads. So much so that not only is fake luxury destructive for the market that it emulates, but it actively works to feed into a perpetuating cycle of self-deception. Let me lay out the points for you:

Supports Plagiarism 

Within the UAE, it is considered fraud to manufacture, ship, or sell counterfeit items. Often, unsuspecting consumers can be the victim of such a fraud; however, they are ultimately considered responsible by the authorities in abetting fraud. Thus, it becomes extremely important to find genuine suites that value and respect customers.

Where online do these fake goods change hands? From a report curated by Red Points, a Barcelona-based brand-protection agency, a surprising amount comes from sellers on popular sites such as Facebook (18%), Amazon (13%) and Ebay (8%). 

In 2016, to curb the sale of replica consumer goods, Law No. 19 (the ‘New Law’) was passed in the UAE that brought significantly higher penalties for intellectual property fraud. Some of these penalties include but are not limited to jail time of no more than 2 years and a fine ranging from AED 50,000 – AED 250,000. 

The consequences for plagiarism are high because the societal consequences are high. The money from these markets often go back into fueling crime and the black market. As a seller or buyer within this market, it becomes a weary battle to try and defend buying these goods. It is our due diligence as art connoisseurs and investors to stop this practice of corporate defacement by doing what we can to prevent piracy from happening. Be willing to work for what you want in life, even if its something as small as a pair of sneakers or a handbag.

Promotes Distrust 

How many times have you seen an item on sale that you’ve wanted but stopped because you questioned its authenticity? Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about such things? The presence of counterfeit items not only promotes interpersonal distrust, but it also promotes societal distrust.

While there is no shame in buying counterfeit items for their style and fit, there is shame in going out of your way to pretend to be the proud owner of a luxurious brand. It’s not just lying to everyone else that’s detrimental, but it’s also lying to yourself by creating a false sense of confidence. A reputation that can be instantly destroyed by anyone calling you out. Don’t polish your self image by cheating. Instead, save up and work for them. Your product then changes from being just a purchase to being an investment that you will cherish and love. Many people buy high-end items to show off their fashion either to themselves or to others. Be real to yourself. It’s healthy for the psyche to not be under the constant pressure of living inauthentically. When you want to show off your legitimate wares, you can be proud in knowing that you and other owners will know the level of work that it took to get to that point.

What Can I Do?

Ultimately, only wear clothes for yourself not just for the likes of others. Cool and original pieces can be discovered all over the world for people with varying budgets. If you cannot afford high-end items, then that means that its not for you, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Many of these top brands offer cheaper alternatives that look spectacular, even in comparison to the higher-priced items. If you're having problems finding both the right style and price for you, look no further than Baza Bazaar. 

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