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A Decade in Review: 2010's

As shown in our article The Influence of Streetwear, streetwear was nothing novel in the 2010s. However, when it comes to fashion trends, many would agree that the 2010's was composed of a variety of subcultures from Generation X, Y, and Z that meshed together to form both new and nostalgic styles:  Sneakers, streetwear, and luxury fashion that once were in distinct categories have been combined seamlessly into an inseparable community. The exclusivity of drops and limited stock makes its buyers feel true glee when they can successfully obtain and show off their new goods. Official and unofficial celebrity endorsements of brands such as adidas’ Yeezy, Nike’s Air Jordan, and Supremes’ Box Logo became incredibly powerful marketing devices that helped bring...

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The Influence of Streetwear

After a decade’s worth of quiet dabbling and tinkering, Lululemon has announced its entry into the streetwear market with its unveiling of Lab several weeks ago. Often known as the company with the extremely comfortable yoga and dress pants, Lululemon contributes its take on the trend of meshing high-end with casual outfits alongside others such as Northface, Nike, Adidas, and Uniqlo. Speaking on the decision to unveil the company’s expansion into the streetwear space, Lululemon’s Chief Product Officer Sun Choe notes that “As we grow internationally, we know that exclusivity is something that is very important in Asia and Europe”. As brands such as Supreme and Off-White skyrocket in their market share, one has to wonder how streetwear (and its associated...

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Fall 2019: Streetwear Gift Ideas

Picking out items for the man who has everything can be difficult and confusing. Does he say that he wants nothing and confuses you when his birthday and other special occasions roll around? Does he also have great style on top of that? Socks, books, and cologne won’t cut it this year. Don’t worry, Baza Bazaar has got you covered. Here are our top  gifts for Fall 2019: Black is the new Black Is he a fan of Kanye? Looking forward to Jesus is King? Then the best gift you can get him is the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black Red. Black is always in fashion, so don’t be surprised if you see him in these on every occasion. This...

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Five Tips to Maintaining the Hottest Luxury Items

Have you ever ruined one of your favorite shirts, shoes, or bags? It’s the worst! Whether you want to add a hypewear item to your collection or simply display it out for all to see, maintaining a pristine condition is an absolute must. Regardless of the price paid for it, it is at least loved by you. In an effort to help everyone show off their best outfits, here are just a few easy options to help those out there looking to keep their product timeless and always in mint condition. Tip 1: Make sure you buy authentic When shopping for a luxury item, one of the biggest considerations is making sure that you are buying what is agreed upon....

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