Baza Bazaar streetwear clothing to spice up your wardrobe

Baza Bazaar streetwear clothing to spice up your wardrobe

A lot has changed in the last two decades as streetwear became mainstream. This trademark anti-style counterculture became a phenomenal fashion trend that defined a whole generation of ‘90s kids. 

As time went by, the counterculture style of streetwear was embraced by many. It’s often even regarded as luxury fashion and carried by modern fashion houses. 

Supported streetwear brands by Baza Bazaar

Streetwear was reserved for counterculture misfits back in the day but fashion houses made it more accessible and affordable to the general public. You can get clothing pieces that scream punk rebel fashion when you shop at Baza Bazaar. Below is the list of supported streetwear brands that we feature in our store:

The North Face

What began as a mountain climbing equipment company, The North Face has since expanded its business to cater to fast fashion and streetwear. 

However, it’s more than just a clothing brand, it’s an icon in the streetwear industry giving younger generations more options when it comes to style and clothing. It even solidified itself as a fashion icon for this specific style. 

This American-based fashion company has been in existence since 1968 featuring the half-dome symbol in Yosemite National Park. By the late ‘90s to the early 2000s, The North Face started to cater to counterculture fashion as it became the trend for younger generations back then. 

You can get different clothing styles from this brand as you browse through Baza Bazaar including:

  • Double Knit Fine Hoodie
  • Fast Hike Pants
  • Borealis Backpack
  • Advant Lumbar Bag
  • Vectiv Exploris Futurelight Leather
  • TKA Glacier Crop
  • Horizon Mesh Cap
  • Wind Jacket
  • Flight Glove Accessories
  • Flight Stardlight Short
  • Bozer Hip Pack III


From luxury brands to streetwear, the former artistic director of Louis Vuitton Virgil Abloh founded Off-White. This spearheaded the transition of the counterculture aesthetic. It no longer solely represents the fringes of society because it was embraced by luxury. 

The Off-White brand brought forth hypebeast couture with innovative and forward-thinking designs that redefined fashion for the better. Even though the company is comparably new to its competitors, only being established in 2012, it garnered an iconic position in the industry. 

With collaborations with hip hop artists such as Kanye West, the brand is moving forward without any hint of stopping on its tracks. You can join the streetwear movement with these iconic Off-White items that you can purchase from the Baza Bazaar online store:

  • Caravaggio Painting S/S T-shirt
  • Jitney 1.4 Leather Shoulder Bag
  • Off-White Logo Backpack
  • Logo Cotton Hoodie
  • Diag Mini Leather Shoulder Bag
  • Printed Bucket Hat
  • Logo One-shoulder Bikini
  • Logo Cotton Sweatpants
  • “For Money” Printed Leather Wallet
  • Logo Embroidered Hat
  • High-rise Slim Jeans
  • Languid High-rise Knitted Pants
  • Lace Triangle Bra
  • Commercial Small Printed Shopper
  • High-rise Denim Shorts

Golf Wang

American rapper and record producer Tyler the Creator is among the streetwear industry’s most notable figures since he founded Golf Wang. This clothing brand became his creative outlet in fashion, showcasing the street rat look he made popular during the first few years of his music career.

It’s most notable for its vivid visual designs that represent the artistic look that younger generations are opting for. Moreover, as the brand expands, it became Tyler’s reflection on how his style matured and changed over the years. 

Golf Wang started as an affiliate of Odd Future but has since established itself as a separate style company. Not only does it offer cool street apparel but it also features products including footwear, jewellery, accessories and other fashion products. 

Featured on our catalogue are the following products from the streetwear brand:

  • Chain Stitch Letterman Jacket
  • Leather Flame Puffy Jacket
  • Hooded Work Jacket
  • Flamingo Button Up
  • Psycho Golf Tee
  • Prodigy Sock 3PK
  • Trucking Knitted Gloves
  • Debossed Flame Leather Belt
  • No Hands Deck


Military-inspired clothing managed to enter the streetwear fashion industry and WTAPS knows how to rock the apparel. With its baggy cut fabrics and Japanese utilitarian styling, you can pair these outfits with almost anything. 

Although its name is confusing to read at first, the Japanese clothing line is pronounced as ‘double taps’. The label’s founders got it from the military term for a kill shot. 

The brand is a killer in the fashion streetwear scene. Military-style clothing and the creative use of army green colour is unexpected but WTAPS pulls it off effortlessly. Not only is it out of the box but the label is also good at making its wearer have street cred when it comes to modern fashion. 

Embody the utilitarian aesthetic of the military with your casual clothing when you purchase these featured WTAPS products here at Baza Bazaar:

  • Evasion Jacket Nylon Taffeta 3 Layers
  • Bivouac Vest Poly Taffeta
  • Blank Zip Hooded Cotton Hoodie
  • Black Crewneck Cotton Sweatshirt
  • Union Cotton Twill Trousers 
  • Classic Baseball Flat Head Cap
  • Summer 5 Panel Drawstring Cap
  • TTL Synthetic Jacket
  • Grizzly Polyfur Jacket


Deep embedded its roots in the streetwear scene since the 1990s when brand owner Scott Sasso created the label. He’s one of the most iconic and well respected urban streetwear designers in the United States and has long provided his company’s customer base with seasonally-themed outfits that represent the street-savvy counterculture aesthetic of the ‘90s to the early 2000s.

Three decades ago, the company was only releasing graphic tees that teenagers at the time loved. The label expanded as the years went by, further exploring graphic prints on pants, sweatshirts, and accessories as well as household fabrics like blankets. 

The brand’s versatile clothing is available at our online store with a few featured products as listed below:

  • Supply Bucket Cap
  • Archive Release: Shogun’s Hoodie
  • Supply Tee and Shorts – Cloud
  • Balance Tee
  • Duality Tee
  • Ten Toes Socks
  • Work in Progress Tee
  • Box Drop Tee – Blue Tie Dye
  • End Game Hoodie
  • Cataclysm Hoodie
  • Framework Sweatpants – Heather Grey


High-end luxury meets streetwear clothing with the Undefeated label. The company boasts comfortable clothing without sacrificing style and street wearability. You’ll get your money’s worth with Undefeated and it’ll last a long time. 

It’s the go-to street style clothing label in Los Angeles, California and it exploded into worldwide popularity as the years went by. The streetwear clothing line often collaborates with fashion titans in the industry including WTAPS, Converse, Nike and Bathing Ape among others. 

The label was founded by James Bond and Eddie Cruz in 2002. What started as a niche local brand expanded into an international sensation that features the following products that you can purchase off of Baza Bazaar shelves:

  • Jordan x Off-White Tee
  • Jordan x Off-White Jumpman
  • Adidas x Jeremy Scott Windbreaker
  • Adidas x Midwest Kids Multipurpose Hoodie
  • Adidas x Jeremy Scott Tee
  • Adidas x Jeremy Scott Women’s Skirt Yellow
  • Nike x Undefeated Airforce 1
  • Patta Striped Bucket Hat
  • Vans Old School VLT Croc Skin

Brain Dead

Your streetwear clothing isn’t complete without doodle and scribble designs that reflect contemporary society. That’s what the Brain Dead label can offer its wide range of customers. 

It started as a label that featured unique artworks from various artists all over the world until it established itself as a competitive brand in the streetwear industry. Since then, Kyle Ng’s label has become the hottest streetwear that celebrities and influencers support. 

The brand collaborates with various other labels in the industry such as The North Face and Carhartt and APC. You can purchase the following products at our online store:

  • Dijon T-shirt
  • Nightbreed T-shirt
  • Danny Brown Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Brain Dead Embroidered Waffle Long Sleeve Sweatshirt
  • Running Logo Head Wool Beanie
  • Slime Reverse Fleece Sweatpants
  • Organic Paneled Stripe Long Sleeve

Why incorporate streetwear into your wardrobe?

This fashion trend is never going away soon so it’s time to join the revolution and try on your streetwear clothes hidden underneath your closet. So, why should you start wearing this type of clothing? 

  1. Supporting local brands

Local brands are a reflection of the community. These establishments provide people with a creative outlet to express themselves and their sense of style. Moreover, these labels are often niche that’s unique enough to give you something that nobody else has. 

Wearing streetwear fashion clothing from local brands helps them get the acclaim that they deserve. You’re also helping create a sustainable future for this style.

  1. Comfortable clothing

Whether people like it or not, streetwear is comfortable. It’s meant to disrupt the status quo and one of the principles that this type of clothing is dismantling are certain standards imposed by society. 

After all, the fashion trend started as a counterculture response to fast fashion of the ‘80s and ‘90s. It’s all comfort with a punky attitude but with a stylish twist.

  1. The style is always evolving

The punk-rock aesthetic is still in the trend but has a modern twist to it that the younger generation loves. It’s no longer a niche style but something that’s known globally. The style has evolved and will continue to do so in the future. 

Be part of the revolution by purchasing your preferred clothing labels here at Baza Bazaar!

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